About VIP

The Violence Intervention Program (VIP) envisions a community where no child, woman, or elder is hurt by someone they should have been able to trust. We seek to significantly better the lives of those who have been abused and assaulted by providing comprehensive forensic, medical and mental health services that promote not only healing but also personal growth and success. VIP works to increase services for those without financial resources or health coverage especially those under the care of the state, and establish community based advocacy and prevention programs for the early identification of abuse. We continually strive to answer the needs and advance the welfare of children and families to end the cycle of violence.

To do this VIP has created a unique multi-disciplinary, public-private partnership between the publicly funded VIP clinics for child abuse and elder abuse at the LAC+USC Medical Center and the private, nonprofit VIP Community Mental Health Center. The goal is to work together to provide a complete continuum of services for extremely vulnerable individuals who lack other resources.

VIP offers around-the-clock medical, forensic, mental health, support and advocacy services to children in foster care and other victims of child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse and dependent adult abuse. VIP is a groundbreaking Family Advocacy Center that works with families, schools, and other community organizations in East Los Angeles on public health, community outreach and education programs to break the cycle of violence.

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