What children need to know to stay safe once they leave home:

  1. Rules for communication:
    • No secrets
    • Good and bad secrets
    • Inappropriate touching
  2. Ask questions – and listen to the answers!
  3. Walk/drive your child to school.
  4. Keep safety rules simple
    • Stranger-danger seems simple, but still needs to be reviewed.
    • Children should never leave school with someone who is not the designated driver or caretaker.
  5. Children cannot “Say no, Run, and Tell” – by then it is too late.
  6. Teach your child to listen to his or her feelings and to immediately leave any place that makes them feel uncomfortable.
  7. Teach them that even trusted adults can do scary things and that no one can ask them to keep a secret from their parents.
  8. Teach them to understand appropriate behavior between adults and children and that only parents and doctors should ever need to see their private parts.

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